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⏰2 Days Countdown | SUNGO "Optimal" PV+ Energy Storage Solution

Jun 18, 2024 0
The Intersolar Europe 2024 is just 2 days away! SUNGO is ready to showcase its latest photovoltaic optimizer, iOPT, and its advanced energy storage solutions in Munich, Germany.
At the forefront of SUNGO's energy solutions, we have integrated the next-generation intelligent photovoltaic optimizer, iOPT, which significantly enhances the system's power generation efficiency. It also features rapid shutdown and module-level monitoring, drastically reducing operation and maintenance costs while providing comprehensive system safety. On the energy storage side, we have adopted a DC-coupled system design, allowing photovoltaic output to directly power the storage batteries, maximizing the utilization of photovoltaic generation and minimizing unnecessary losses.
We look forward to your visit to explore the limitless possibilities of green energy together.
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