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Highlights | SUNGO shines at Intersolar Europe 2024

Jun 27, 2024 0

Today, when renewable energy is receiving increasing attention around the world, the Intersolar Europe 2024 exhibition in Munich, Germany has once again become the focus of the industry's attention. As an innovative enterprise in the field of new energy, SUNGO shined at the exhibition and achieved complete success with its excellent product lineup and forward-looking technical solutions.

1. Smart Optimizer & Monitoring SUNGO iOPT 800W: the smart brain of optical storage systems

At the Intersolar Europe 2024 exhibition, SUNGO exhibited its latest intelligent optimizer iOPT. This optimizer has component-level MPPT technology, which can significantly increase the power generation of photovoltaic systems. At the same time, its component-level monitoring function can accurately locate problematic components and quickly resolve potential safety hazards. In an emergency, its 15-second quick shutdown function can quickly cut off the system and effectively curb the spread of disasters, thereby ensuring the stable operation and safety of the photovoltaic system.


Relying on several product iterations and verified by data from a large number of practical application projects, Shenggao intelligent optimizer iOPT can adapt to various complex scenarios to increase the maximum power generation by up to 30%, the average power generation by more than 10%, and the rooftop installed capacity by the highest amount. 30%, these significant performance improvements have truly enhanced customerssystem benefits.

2. Residential Scenario Solutions: Create a comfortable and green home environment

For home users, SUNGO has launched a home smart energy solution. This solution combines SUNGO intelligent optimizer, high-voltage stacked energy storage and intelligent control system to provide users with clean, efficient and reliable power supply. Users can monitor household power generation, electricity consumption, and electricity storage in real time through the mobile phone APP system, and adjust the operating mode of the energy storage system according to needs to achieve the goals of energy conservation, emission reduction, and reduction of electricity bills.


3. C&I Scenario Solutions: Empowering industry and commerce to create a green future

For industrial and commercial users, SUNGO provides industry-leading optimal optical and storage integration solutions. Through DC side coupling technology and intelligent optimizers, it improves the energy utilization efficiency of the entire optical storage system and maximizes the closed loop of power generation and storage in series. At the same time, SUNGO adheres to international operations and localized management, has in-depth insights into the differentiated needs of markets in different countries, and tailors adaptation plans for customers to ensure maximum revenue. Whats more worth mentioning is that the solution introduces the iSungo smart energy platform independently developed by Sungao, which provides one-stop management of photovoltaic + energy storage through cloud-edge-device collaboration and can quickly respond to customer value-added needs.


4. Join hands with CVTE to create a new chapter in optical storage technology

At the exhibition, MAXHUB, a high-tech enterprise under CVTE, officially signed a strategic cooperation agreement. This signing marks that the cooperation between the two parties in the field of optical and storage technology is about to enter a new substantive stage, and jointly opens a new chapter in the cooperative development of optical and storage technology. The two parties will rely on their respective technical advantages and market resources to jointly develop and promote efficient and intelligent optical storage system solutions to provide global users with more high-quality, efficient and intelligent new energy products and services.


At the same time, SUNGO also reached cooperation intentions with a number of dealers and installer customers during the exhibition. This not only reflects the European market's recognition of SUNGO's products and solutions, but also lays a solid foundation for us to further expand our European market share.


Looking back at the IntersolarEurope 2024 exhibition, SUNGO continues to implement the development concept of "customer value as the core", not only demonstrating its strong product lineup and technical strength, but also demonstrating its innovation capabilities and service quality in the new energy field to the world. SUNGO will continue to increase investment in R&D, promote technological innovation and product upgrades, and provide global users with more high-quality, efficient and intelligent new energy products and services.


In the future, SUNGO will continue to follow the concept of "excellence, wisdom and stability", work with global partners to promote the development of the photovoltaic industry, and contribute to the construction of a green and low-carbon energy system. Let us work together to create a green future!

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