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Overseas Exclusive | SUNGO iOPT Photovoltaic Optimizer, a Star Choice for European Residential Solar-Storage Projects

Jun 28, 2024 0

Recently,the Netherlands in Europe successfully implemented a residential solar-storage project. The project utilized a 7KW photovoltaic system paired with a 10kWh single-phase ESS, not only achieving high-efficiency solar-to-electricity conversion, but also providing users with a stable power reserve. Behind this, there is a noteworthy highlight - each photovoltaic module was installed with SUNGO's latest smart optimizer product, SUNGO iOPT 800W.

SUNGO iOPT 800W: The Professional Choice for Solar-Storage Projects

In photovoltaic power generation projects, the iOPT optimizer stands out with its excellent performance, becoming the professional choice for this project. It integrates three core functions: optimization, shutdown, and monitoring. Not only does it significantly increase the overall power generation of the photovoltaic system, but it also ensures the safety and reliability of the system.

Optimization Function:
The iOPT optimizer is equipped with module-level MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) function, which can accurately and real-time capture the maximum power point of each photovoltaic module. Through smart algorithms, the optimizer can timely adjust the underperforming modules in the string, ensuring that the entire photovoltaic system runs at the optimal state. This precise optimization not only improves the system's power generation, but also extends the service life of the modules.

Shutdown Function:
In emergency situations, the iOPT optimizer demonstrates outstanding safety performance. It can quickly shut down and reduce the high-voltage DC on the rooftop to a safe range within 15 seconds, further ensuring the safety of installation and maintenance personnel, effectively preventing the risk of electric shock, and ensuring the safe operation of the system.

Monitoring Function:
The iOPT optimizer has module-level smart monitoring capabilities. By real-time monitoring the operating data of photovoltaic modules, it can promptly respond to and handle system anomalies or faults, ensuring the system's stable operation, preventing the spread of faults, and increasing the normal operation time of photovoltaic modules, thus improving the overall reliability of the power plant.

In this European residential solar-storage project, the iOPT optimizer, with its excellent performance and quality, has won the widespread trust and firm support of users. This not only fully demonstrates the deep recognition of the European market for SUNGO's products and solutions, but also lays a solid and powerful foundation for us to further deepen and expand the European market. We will continue to be committed to technological innovation and quality improvement to meet the needs of more users, jointly promote the global development of solar-storage business, and work together to envision a green future.

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