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Portable Power Station 500W 760Wh 110V 220V Generator Solar Charging For Camping

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Product Description

The Portable Power Station 500W 760Wh 110V 220V Generator Solar Charging For Camping is the ideal item to keep your electronic products ready and prepared every time. Made from top-notch materials, this power station provides dependable power for your camping activities.


With 500W, this can provide enough capacity to suit you perfectly. Whether you need to charge your phone, tablet, or laptop, this has you covered. You can choose among the selection of ports to use in your products or services.


One of the top features of this is the integrated charging system solar. This is charged using solar technology with a cell effective. This is well suited for camping trips where you can’t locate a power supply.


The power station also incorporates AC and many different and ports. You can connect every device that’s appropriate for these ports and ensure that it will stay operating through the night. With both 110 and 220V outlets, you can power products all over the world effortlessly.


The SUNGO’s Portable Power Station is one of the top products available on the market at 760 Wh. It can be employed for very long durations without needing to bother about running out from energy. It’s perfect for camping trips in which you can charge it every day.


Another excellent function of this is the lightweight size of the power station. It is small and can be effortlessly transported, rendering it well suited for camping, hiking, and also other outside tasks. You can simply put it in your backpack and bring it with you wherever you go

Battery Type
Li-ion battery (NMC
Battery Capacity
786Wh (10.8V 72.8A
Cycle Life
AC Wall Charging
12.5V 7.5A or 12.5V 10A
Solar Charging
12.5V~25V / Max. power up to 180W
Net Weight


72800mAh 760Wh 500W High Quality Power Bank Station Solar Panel Hydrogen Generator Camping Portable Power